What is an ADM Policy?

It is a document that specifies the rules and regulations governing the issuance of ADM
adopted by an
Airline in accordance with IATA resolution 850m.
• To establish a transparent overview of the circumstances under which an ADM shall be
• To ensure the proper issuance of tickets, in compliance with tariffs, rules, general
conditions of
carriage and other instructions provided by the airline, IATA and the GDS.
• To ensure that agreements between the travel agent and the acting airline are respected
and if
not, settle the difference in an adequate and logical way, equal for all distribution channels.

Reasons for ADM Issuance
Types of ADMs issued Air Corsica include, but are not limited to:

· Fare Violations(Publish, private and group fares)
· Incorrect fare application of Fare Rules and combinability (e.g. routing or sales restrictions)
-The use of the command: FXP/R, AJA (BIA, CLY, FSC) is authorised for territory of Corsica
only, any agency outside the territory of Corsica using this Ticketing Command to issue ticket
on Air Corsica even if ticketing and pricing are autopriced will be billed an ADM on RBD M.
· Incorrect fare value (under collection)
· Minimum / maximum stay, advanced purchase rules
· Seasonality, flight applications
· Stopovers and transfers
· Incorrect Booking Class
· Incorrect Fare Basis
· Missing Tour Code
· Applicable reduction not mentioned in the Fare Basis and/or missing ticket designator
· More than one reduction applied on the same Fare Basis.

· Commission violations
· Incorrect application
· Over-collection of commission (standard & supplementary)
· Service Fees, Surcharges and Taxes
· Incorrect collection of taxes and surcharges
· Missing taxes/surcharges
· Wrongly altered taxes/surcharges

· Refund violations
· Incorrect calculation of refund amount, fare, taxes and surcharges
· Incorrect application of cancellation penalty (e.g. in case of no-show)
· Incorrect calculation of refunds commission amount

· Exchange/Revalidation violations
· Missing rebooking fee (calculated per transaction)
· Undercollection of Additional collection(both autopriced and non-autopriced tickets)
· Missing fee in case of name change/correction

Other violations such as but not limited to:
· Invalid/no ticketing agreement and incorrect ticketing according to IATA resolution 852
· Use of fake/manual/blacklisted ticket numbers
· Non compliance with group agreements
· Unreported tickets
· Double refund(Refunds via BSPlink and manual)
· Credit card charge backs / Fraudulent use of credit card
· Interline tickets issued when no interline agreement exists
· Ticket issued with an OPEN segment status whereas the fare basis does not permit an
open segment status

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